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Paul G. Allen

A tribute to our founder, Paul G. Allen

Frontiers researchers from around the world talk about Allen Institute founder Paul G. Allen's legacy and lasting impact in science.

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New Allen Distinguished Investigators announced


2018 Allen Distinguished Investigators

Nine new Allen Distinguished Investigator awards were announced this week, supporting projects ranging from nanoparticles to reprogram a cancer patient's immune system inside their own body, to how the brain cells known as astrocytes might influence Alzheimer's disease, to the mysterious physics inside our cells' nuclei.

Learn more in our press release.


Electrical signals of injury


Frog Leg

When a young frog loses a limb, the healthy side of the body flashes a mirroring bioelectric signal. Researchers at the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University uncovered this strange phenomenon in a newly published study. They hope it could one day be the basis for distant site diagnostics—learning about an internal injury by looking elsewhere in the body.

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Voices from the frontiers of bioscience


Frontier Voices

Researchers supported by the Frontiers Group share their candid thoughts on their hopes for the future of research, what they find most exciting about their own work, what advice they would share for the next generation of scientists and more in our new video series, Frontier Voices.

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Discovery of bacterial physics could lead to better antibiotics


Bacterial Physics

Researchers at the Allen Discovery Center at Stanford University found that the thin outer layer of E. coli and other similar bacteria is much tougher than previously believed, making it an attractive but unexplored target for new antibiotic strategies.

Read more in our news story.


2018 Allen Frontiers Symposium


Allen Frontiers Symposium

In October, the Frontiers Group hosted the Allen Frontiers Symposium at the Allen Institute in Seattle, gathering Allen Distinguished Investigators and Allen Discovery Center researchers for an annual meeting.

Watch videos of presentations and see photos from the event.



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