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Brain Science Newsletter December 2018

Parts List Header

Researchers build a 'parts list' of the mouse cortex

In a study published on the cover of Nature, Allen Institute for Brain Science researchers describe a new list of brain cell types from the mouse visual and motor cortex. This classification also laid the groundwork to uncover the functions of two newly discovered rare motor neuron types, in a collaborative study with Janelia Research Campus.



New SEU-Allen Center uses VR to capture 3D shapes of neurons

A new collaboration between the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Southeast University in Nanjing, China, is tackling the difficult problem of capturing mouse neurons' shapes in their entirety, cell by cell, from whole brains.

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Pyramidal Neuron

Differences in mouse and human pyramidal neurons uncovered

Using live human tissue donated by patients undergoing brain surgery, Allen Institute researchers found that one kind of human neuron sends and receives electrical signals in a different way than its mouse counterpart.

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2018 NGLs

Meet the 2018 Next Generation Leaders

Six early-career neuroscientists were selected to participate in a unique advisory council for the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Now in its fifth year, the Next Generation Leaders program was created for and by researchers in early stages of their scientific careers.

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Showcase, Christof Koch

Allen Institute Showcase Symposium 2018

Earlier this month, the Allen Institute hosted the annual Showcase Symposium, which featured research from the Allen Institute for Brain Science and from current Next Generation Leaders. View photos and videos from the event on our website.

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Big Science, Team Science, Open Science

2019 Events and Trainings

Allen Institute for Brain Science researchers will present around the world at upcoming events, including the Neuro Open Science Workshop at ICM in France and Cosyne 2019 in Portugal. View all upcoming events and trainings on our website.

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New Atlas Used to ID Brain Parts for Plans and Actions
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Neuroscientists draw up a 'parts list' covering 133 different types of brain cells
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After Paul Allen Co-Founded Microsoft, He Changed Brain Science Forever
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How Paul Allen Taught Me To Peel An Orange
Forbes, October 15, 2018

Paul G. Allen, 1953-2018: Microsoft co-founder leaves legacy of innovation, philanthropy, bold bets
GeekWire, October 15, 2018


New SEU-Allen Center uses VR to capture 3D shapes of neurons

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